When you collect the hire car

If you have booked the hire car on the internet, you will receive a booking confirmation by email. Print this out and take it with you together with your passport, credit card and driving license.

Read the terms

Before you sign the agreement at the car hire office, read the terms and conditions carefully. If something is unclear, ask one of the staff.

Ensure that you understand what is covered by the insurance, and what you must pay for in the event of a car accident.

Inspect the car

Inspect the car thoroughly both inside and out together with a representative form the hire car company before you drive away. Go around the whole car, and look for damage, scratches in the paintwork, interior damage etc. IF you discover any damage to the hire car, this should be noted in the condition report. This is to avoid being held responsible for the damage when you return the car – which could be very expensive.

Also check the tires for signs of damage or excessive wear, and do not forget that any optional extras you wish to hire must also be in order before you drive away. If there are no representatives from the hire company who can check the car with you, take pictures with your phone camera of all the car’s sides as well as the interior. If you discover any damage, note this down, and get one of the employees to sign the paper.

Check the fuel terms and conditions

Familiarise yourself with what type of fuel the car uses, and if you are required to fill up the tank before you return the car. The car’s mileage should also be noted on the contract both when collecting and returning.

Familiarise yourself with the car’s instruments

Familiarise yourself with the instruments on the hire car, e.g. window wipers, indicators etc. Feel free to take a little drive around the car park before you drive away.

Familiarise yourself with local traffic rules

If you are going on a driving holiday with a hire car abroad, it is important to get to know the traffic regulations before you get behind the wheel.