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Car rental Morocco

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Morocco guide

Car rental Morocco

Rental cars Morocco

Morocco a kingdom located south of the African continent. The country has coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Otherwise, Morocco has a common border with Algeria and Western Sahara, which has been under Moroccan occupation since 1976. Morocco has a combined population of approximately 31.6 million (2010).

The capital Rabat has 1.7 million inhabitants, while the country’s largest city, Casablanca , has a population of 3.1 million.Other cities with over a million inhabitants, Marrakech and Fes .Major cities are Tangier (where one can see across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain ) and the resort town of Agadir on the Atlantic coast.

The landscape in Morocco is dominated by two major mountain ranges – Rif Mountains in the north to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlas Mountains that extends diagonally from southwest to northeast. Towards the Atlantic coast is relatively flat.

Among the main attractions of Morocco is the ancient boroughs – Medina – that’s including in Marrakech and Fes with its exciting markets, bazaars and narrow, maze-like streets.The market in Fes is one of the largest of its kind, and is therefore also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Otherwise, it’s more popular resorts on the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir which is the most popular beach resort.

Morocco’s main airport is Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. Other important airports include Ibn Batouta International Airport in Tangier and Menara International Airport in Marrakech.