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Car rental Norway

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Norway guide

Car rental Norway

Rental cars Norway

Norway is west on the Scandinavian peninsula, and has about 4.9 million inhabitants (2011). The archipelago of Svalbard and Jan Mayen island in the North Atlantic also belongs to Norway. It is bordered to the east by   Sweden and Finland and the Russian Federation   in the north-eastern area.Norway is surrounded by sea in the north, west and south of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Skagerrak.

Norway is divided into five regions – Eastern, Southern, Western Norway, Trøndelag and North Norway.

Norway is a long and mountainous country with large height differences – and the highest peak is the peak – which measures 2,469 m Norway also has a great patio coastal reefs with numerous large and small islands, and on the western landscape consists of deep fjords surrounded by steep mountains. Trøndelag has a more wavy landscape, and in northern Norway are both cutting farm and mountain areas. Furthest north in Finnmark landscape consists mostly of flat plains.

There are 8 locations in Norway that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts many tourists. This is Bryggen   Bergen (the old Hanseatic wooden buildings), Urnes Stave Church from 1140, the town of Røros , carvings in Alta, Vega Islands in Nordland, Struve Geodetic Arc in Hammerfest, Geiranger Fjord in Møre and Romsdal, and Nærøyfjord in the county.

Oslo is the capital and largest city – with approximately 607,000 inhabitants (2011). Oslo is the head of Oslo Fjord and has a number of popular tourist attractions – including the main street, Karl Johans Gate, Royal Palace, Frogner Park, Big Ben, the Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery and the Opera House.

Norway’s main airport is Oslo Airport – Gardermoen , located 60 km northeast of the capital.Other major international airports   Bergen Airport – Flesland , Stavanger – Sola and Trondheim Airport – Værnes .