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Car rental Portugal

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Portugal guide

Car rental Portugal

Rental cars Portugal

Portugal is on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, and is bordered to the north and east to Spain .The country’s coastline in the west and south of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal has about 10.7 million inhabitants (2010).

The capital Lisbon is located southwest of the country, and has 475,000 inhabitants. Lisbon is beautifully situated on the north bank of the River Tejo – about 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

Other major cities in Portugal is Porto (235 000 inhabitants) and Amadora (182 000 inhabitants).

Nature in Portugal is varied, and the river Tejo – which divides the country into two – marks a distinction between Northern Portugal’s mountain scenery and southern Portugal plains. Far south travel landscape again in a few high ridges, before it falls again in Portugal’s southernmost region – Algarve. In addition to the mainland of Portugal country also includes the volcanic islands of Azores and Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal is a well visited holiday destination. Many people want to experience cultural Lisbon, which is also known for its many museums and their exciting historic buildings with monasteries and fortresses. The most popular tourist destinations otherwise find on the Algarve coast and the island of Madeira.

Portugal’s main airport, Lisbon International Airport , located right next to the capital.Otherwise   Faro Airport in the Algarve and Madeira International Airport at Funchal on Madeira major airports for many charter companies.