Before you return the car, you must check the fuel level. Generally the rule is that a hire car should be returned with a full tank. Otherwise an amount will be deducted from your deposit.

Take all of your belongings

Remember to take all of your personal belongings from the hire car. Also check the glove compartment.

Check the interior of the car

Check that the interior of the hire car is clean and intact – e.g. no stains/ spills or interior damage. The hire company will charge you a fee if you return the car dirty. The general rule is that you should return the car in the same condition as you collected it.

Return the car during opening hours

It is recommended to return the car during opening hours. Some hire companies permit you to return the car outside of opening hours, but this poses a certain risk for you. When you hire a car, you are responsible for the car’s condition until one of the employees has inspected it. In the worst case you could be charged for damages that occur whilst the car is unattended. If you still decide to return the car outside of opening hours, remember to take pictures of the car as documentation. This is to prove to the hire company that you returned the car without damage.

Bring the receipt with you

When returning the car, the condition of the car should be confirmed in writing and signed by the hire car company. Retain a copy of this document in the event that a dispute should occur later.

Remember also that if you return the car before the agreed time, you will not be refunded for any unused days.