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Car rental Romania

Find the best price for rental cars in Romania using the form on the left. compares the prices from several companies simultaneously and finds the best price for car rental in Romania. When you book through us there are no hidden costs or credit card fees. Furthermore all prices include all mandatory insurance.

Romania guide

Car rental Romania

Rental cars Romania

Romania is a republic, with 22.2 million inhabitants (2010), located in the southeastern part of Europe – specifically the Black Sea.The country has a common border with Moldova,   Ukraine , Hungary , Serbia and Bulgaria .The capital of Romania is   Bucharest , which has about 2 million inhabitants (2010).

Other major cities in Romania Iasi (322,000 inhabitants), Cluj-Napoca (318,000 inhabitants), Timosoara (317,700 inhabitants), Constanta (310,000 inhabitants) and Craiova (303 000 inhabitants).

Romania is a large country with lots of mountains and therefore has a varied climate. Centrally located the southern part of the Carpathian Mountains – or transsilvanske The Alps – as it’s called. Otherwise, the country is relatively hilly, with a mix of hills and plains.

There remain a number of cultural relics from ancient Greek cities, which is exciting attractions for tourists interested in history. The games were the most popular attractions in the capital, Bucharest, for example former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu gigantomane Parliament Palace. Also the Black Sea coast offers enticing beaches and luxury including in the town of Mangalia, which has a distinct Greek appearance.

The main airport in Romania’s Henri Coanda International Airport , located 16 km north of the center of Bucharest .