Are you going on a long drive in Norway or on a holiday abroad with a hire car? Then it can be advisable to get some general tips on safe driving.

Before driving

* Never drink alcohol before a car trip. Even if you do not get drunk from one glass of beer, you can become sleepy.
* Always ensure that you get enough sleep before you start on a long drive. Don’t skip breakfast.
* Familiarise yourself with local traffic rules and regulations.
* Be sure that the car is in first class condition; that the tyres have enough air and that the fuel tank is full.

While driving

* Do not wait to fill fuel until the fuel gauge is in the red. If you are on unknown roads, you never know how far it is to the next service station.
* Take pauses during the driving; at least every 4 hours. Even if you do not feel tired, stop anyway at a rest place, stretch your legs in some fresh air and / or get a bite to eat. If you are tired, a 20 minute sleep can make you more alert.
* If you are driving alone in the car, playing music or listening to the radio as well as having the window a little open can help against tiredness.
* Remember that fatigue reduces both your vision and concentration, and impairs your ability to react.
* If you are driving abroad, remember to orientate yourself regarding regulations on the use of mobile phones whilst driving.
* If you are travelling with children in the back seat, remember to take pauses often.
* Even if your car is equipped with GPS, it can be wise to take a map or road atlas for safety’s sake.
* It is also advisable to have some money handy for any toll stations.

Driving in bad weather conditions

* If you are driving at night, your eyes need a little time to adjust to the light and shadows. Road lighting can also affect your vision. Your vision is reduced at night so don’t drive to fast.
* In rainy weather the roads are slippery as well as vision being reduced. Reduce speed and keep a good distance to the car in front.
* Fog reduces vision and you should therefore avoid overtaking.
* Be extra careful when you drive on roads which are covered by snow and ice. Use the break and accelerator peddle with caution, so as to avoid swerving or skidding.
* In snow cover and in the mountains, it can be an advantage to have tyre chains, a spade and a warning triangle in the car.