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Car rental Falköping

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Falköping guide

Car rental Falköping

Rental cars Falköping

Falköping is a city and seat of Falköping municipality located in southwest Sweden .The town has 16,350 inhabitants (2010). It has never been a major industrial city and has existed as a pure service   for the municipality.But farming in the area is important, and the city has a dairy that creates Falbygdens cheese.

It is an important railway junction and is located where the Western Trunk Line between Stockholm and Gothenburg meetings Jönköpingsbanen.

Falköping was an important trading and meeting place already in the stone age and became a city in the late 1200’s. St. Olofs church from the 1100s has been an important pilgrimage site. There is a marked pilgrimage route from St Olofs church via Gudhem monastery ruins and Broddetorp to Varnhem Monastery

Here’s a 3000 year old cemetery with graves from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

About 15 miles north of the city lies Dalénmuseet, an experimental museum that shows the life of the inventor and Nobel Prize winner Gustaf Dalen with sound and picture. Gustaf Dalen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 1912. The valley’s more famous invention solventilen and it’s the model of the museum.

The nearest major airport is Jönköping Airport   74 km from the center of Falköping.Another major airport is   Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport 84 km from Falköping .