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Car rental Skellefteå

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Skellefteå guide

Car rental Skellefteå

Rental cars Skellefteå

Skellefteå is a city and seat of Skellefteå Municipality in Västerbotten northeastern Sweden .The town has 32,775 inhabitants (2010). It is located 15 km from the Gulf of Bothnia and the town that serves as Skelleftehamn Skellefteå seaport.

The city is a historic industrial city, and especially gold industry has been great here – hence it has been nicknamed the “golden city”. To this day, buried the gold in the city, and the largest company is Boliden AB.

Skellefteå is home to many great writers, the best-known of them is Stieg Larsson. Other authors are Sara Lidman, PO Enquist, Torgny Lindgren, and the city is advertising to be by authors. The city has several museums, one of them is Skellefteå museum is a cultural region museum.

Since the 1100s there has been a church here. Construction of the present church was begun in the 1300s, and later it has been rebuilt and expanded. The main tourist attraction is the older part of the city, Bonn Stan, where there are 116 protected “kyrkstugor” and Sweden’s oldest wooden bridge Lejonströmsbron from 1737.

In the area around the city there are many fishing and leisure opportunities amusement Lilliput Land and Water Park Vitbergsbadet.

Skellefteå International Airport is located 17km south of the center.