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Car rental Thailand

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Thailand guide

Car rental Thailand

Rental cars Thailand

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, and has approximately 66 million inhabitants (2010). It is bordered to the northeast and east to Laos, Kampuchea to the southeast, in the south to the Gulf of Thailand and   Malaysia , in the southwest of the Indian Ocean in the west to Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Off the coast are a number of smaller islands belonging to Thailand.

The landscape in Thailand can be divided into four parts: The mountains in the north – where the country’s highest mountain “Don Inthanon” rises 2595 meters above sea level, the central plain of the river Menam (Chao Phraya), Korat Plateau in the Northeast that is 100 to 200 m and the Peninsula in the south – which are part of Malay Peninsula with low hills interrupted by the isolated top Khao Luang (1786 m)

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures all year round. The most precipitation falls in the period from May to September.

The capital Bangkok   Centrally located in the country and is Thailand’s largest city with 8 million people.Bangkok is also the country’s most important economic, commercial and cultural city and is visited by over 15 million tourists annually. Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, and the city is one of the world’s finest hotels.

Other major cities in Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Chiang Moi and Phuket. The latter is perhaps one of Southeast Asia’s most famous tourist destination because of the beautiful beaches and diving facilities.

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination and has – in addition to the paradisiacal beaches – great shopping, great culture, great food and beautiful scenery.

Thailand’s main airport is Suvarnabhumi Airport , which is located 30 km east of Bangkok.Other major international airports   Phuket Airport and Don Muang Airport (30 km north of Bangkok).