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Car rental Ukraine

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Ukraine guide

Car rental Ukraine

Rental cars Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, located on the Black Sea in the south. It borders   Russia in the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland , Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania   and Moldova to the southwest.After Russia, Ukraine is the largest country on the European continent country has a population of 44,457,102 (2012) inhabitants and the capital is Kiev.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union in 1922, but became independent again when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991.

In recent years, the tourism industry in the country picked up. Capital   Kiev   is a beautiful city with many historical buildings and a well-preserved city.Andriyvsky Uzviz is the city’s oldest street. The cobbled and winding street full of street musicians, artists selling their works and stalls with both souvenirs and antiques. St. Sophia Church is almost 1000 years old and the oldest church. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise who is buried inside the church. St. Sophia is named after the Hagia Sofia   Istanbul and much of the Byzantine architecture.

In Chernobyl museum in Kiev gets a knowing more about what happened at Chernobyl which is ten mil outside Kiev when it was hit by the worst nuclear accident ever in 1986.

Two kilometers outside the city center is a war museum. It is the country’s largest museum and has more than   300 000 exhibits.The museum will include for the naziokkupasjonen, resistance and the Battle of the Dnieper.

In summer coastline on the Black Sea, a popular tourist destination. Crimean Peninsula has great beaches and a pleasant climate, rugged mountains, plateaus and ancient ruins. The city of Yalta is located in Crimea, and is most famous for Yalta Conference between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin three months of the end of WWII.

In the Carpathian Mountains, there are good opportunities for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting.

Kiev Boryspil International Airport is the largest airport located 29 km east of Kiev.